How To Display Your Sword

Wall Display

Sword Display Plaque

Use our Art Gladius display plaque to add an aspect of grandeur to any wall. With this plaque ranging from small, medium and large, it can accommodate many swords from small Rapiers to large Claymores. The plaque attaches to the wall using screws and has three brass fittings to hold the sword in place.

Universal Sword Mount/Hanger

This is the best option if you wish to invisibly hang your sword on the wall. Our “scissor” style sword mount holds around the blade of your sword for a secure fit. These mounts hold the sword flat against the wall and will only work with swords that have a cross guard to balance on the hooks. 

Shield Sword Mount

Display your sword in style with a choice of shields from Templar, Richard the Lionheart and the Royal England shield. Crafted from wood and hand-painted, these shield mounts make a decorative display. It features hanging loops on the back and a device for clamping your sword securely in place.

Free-standing Display

Display Rack

These multi-purpose display racks can hold pistols, swords, and Katanas, as well as stand freely or be mounted to a wall if required. These stands are crafted by hand in Italy to the finest quality. These stands come in a variety of sizes offering capacity for 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 or 20 items.

Vertical Sword Display Stand

Our sleek vertical sword stands are an ideal way to display your Katana, Sabre or Tai Chi sword. They are constructed from wood with a black lacquered finish. They come in 3 parts and are easily assembled. Let your katana rest securely against the stand with a hole at the base to rest the tip of the blade. 

Katana Stand

This stands offers another way to display your Katana. Our Katana Stand is built to display a single katana horizontally to great effect. The rich black lacquer and padded shelf enhance the quality of the stand and your Katana. We also offer a double Katana stand. 

Multiple Sword Display Stand

This floor display stand is designed to display 13 swords. It is perfect for displaying your collection at home. It features 13 sockets of various sizes designed to display a multitude of different styles of swords.

Magnetic Sword Stand

The elegant stand features a sturdy base, with a divet to hold the tip in place. The upright has a magnet embedded in the top of the mount which holds the blade flush to the mount. This is a unique way to display your sword and does not need any assembly. We also offer this stand is a smaller size for daggers you wish to display.