Christmas Wish List

Do you want to make a lasting impression this Christmas? Our choice of ‘Best Sellers’ takes the hassle out of endless searching. With over 80 best-selling products to choose from, we have narrowed down the search even further to show the variety that we have to offer you this festive season.

Miniature Suit of Armour – AH6004M

If you have ever wanted your own suit of armour but don’t quite have the room, our Miniature Suit of Armour solves your problem. Our Miniature Suit of Armour is a 1/3 scale replica and is fully articulated like the original. It comes complete with stand and sword and will add a sense of grandeur to wherever it is placed.

Knight’s Templar Sword – AH3288

Get your hands on one of the most popular swords in our collection. The Knights Templar were a powerful crusading order of knights founded in the 11th Century with many of their number recruited from England and France. There are many Templar castles and churches throughout England including the Temple Church in London, made famous in The Da Vinci Code.

British Infantry Officer’s Sword-1897 Pattern (Steel Scabbard) – US-S-137A

Great for any Military personnel in the family, this sword is considered by some to be the best fighting sword ever issued to a British Officer. As such it has never been replaced and is the current issue sword within the British Army. The only difference between this sword and its Victorian predecessor is the cypher of the reigning monarch at the time of issue. The polished blade has been forged from High Carbon Steel and has been well-tempered.

Gurkha Service Kukri – AH3451

The Gurkha are a Nepalese people who have used the Kukri as both a weapon and a tool since the early 19th century. The Gurkha Regiment saw duty in both world wars and the Falklands War and were part of the IFOR in Bosnia. The regiment’s standard equipment still includes the traditional Gurkha kukri.

Vikings Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok – SC8000

The weapon favoured by Ragnar Lothbrok, in the hit TV series Vikings. Guided by Oden and believing that his path was destined for greatness, Ragnar and his warrior’s raid and plunder across England and beyond. Ragnar’s favoured axe is rarely far from his side. The Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok has been created from the actual television prop and has been weathered to look from the time period.

Greek Corinthian Helmet – AH6058I

Do you know any Ancient Greece enthusiasts? If the answer is yes, then our Greek Corinthian Helmet will make an unforgettable gift. Not only does the helmet adorn any great shelf but it can be worn,  as it comes complete with a separate padded lining cap that can be glued in if required. The Corinthian Helmet originated in ancient Greece and took its name from the city-state of Corinth. The Greek goddess Athena, is frequently depicted wearing a Corinthian-style helmet.