Armorial Swords – Immortalise Your Family Name

Introducing the new way to keep your family name alive. We are all familiar with the idea of a family crest, well now you can immortalise your family name in our latest purpose made sword, dedicated to your families legacy.

This month we are releasing a brand new product, ‘The Armorial Sword’. Developed in house, this product will revolutionise the gift and Heraldry industry. Designed to last a lifetime, the Armorial Sword features resin filled, scratch-proof badges of your families crest, attached to the pommel of a high-quality sword in either antiqued brass or brushed steel.

Family names have survived the ages, with family coats of arms memorialising the history behind that family name in one single image. Historically speaking, a coat of arms is a design on the shield of a medieval knight. The design was unique to an individual but could be passed down to his descendants, only then it became the family coat of arms. By the 12th-century, family coats of arms were used by many knights and minor feudal lords who went into battle. Only the highest classes of people in medieval Europe used coats of arms, as they were the only one with ancestors distinguished enough to have been granted them by kings. The parts of a coat of arms are:

  • The Motto: It can be anything they want to say that they feel represents them and/or their group or family. The motto may or may not be placed on a design of some sort, and it is located at the very top of the arms.

  • The Crest: Located directly under the motto, this is a three-dimensional symbol of some kind that identifies an achievement of the owner of the arms.

  • The Shield Elements: Since arms were originally painted on shields, it is a miniature representation of what the original shield looked like. There may be several different designs on the shield, and their placement and colours tell a story about the origin of the arms.

  • Supporters: These are usually two animals or people that tell part of the story of the origin of the arms, standing on either side of the shield.

Edwards Crest
James Crest
Robinson Crest

This unique gift is perfect for anyone interested in history or their family name. Made to be displayed proudly, the sword is a personal ornament to be passed down through the generations of your family, just like in medieval times. With an ever-increasing list of British surnames, each side of the pommel can feature a different crest if you wish. This makes for a sentimental wedding gift and a memorable token to keep and remember your special day, symbolising the union of the families. Not only weddings, but the Armorial Sword is an ideal gift for a retirement, birthday, christening or anniversary.

Some universities like Lancaster and Durham, that have royal charters used their cities coat of arms as their logo to represent their university. Royal coats of arms are probably the most recognisable, with the crest from these royal coats of arms being featured on many flags and uniforms. Our Armorial Swords also recognise the names of some of the great rulers of Britain throughout history, from Richard the Lionheart (royal crest of England), Henry V and Llewellyn (royal crest of Wales).

A coat of arms is a form of identification, so what better way to remember your family name by being adorned on a majestic sword.