Spooktacular Halloween Ideas

Adult Costumes

Mad Monk

Our collection of Monk’s robes make for the quickest costume that involves very little effort! To give the monk’s robe a Halloween twist, put the hood over your head, paint your face gauntly or with splatters of blood, and pair it with one of our medieval lanterns. Add a candle inside the lantern and there you have it, a creepy Monk shining their way through the darkness.

Gruesome Gladiator

Gladiators were known as brutal fighters and feared among the Roman Empire. At The Knight Shop, we have all you will need to become a gladiator such as Maximus Decimus Meridius. Gladiators wore little armour on their bodies and fought wearing helmets and used a variety of weaponry. Pair our authentic Roman tunics with leather armour and Roman Caligae Sandals to create the true gladiator look. Add the most important aspects to your costume, the helmet and sword. The Roman gladiator helmet is modelled from the helmet worn in the hit film ‘Gladiator’ and is a distinctive helmet with strong, structural features. To top it off and be the envy of your friends, we have the original licensed ‘The Spaniard gladius’, used by Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) fighting as The Spaniard in the arena. Or if you are looking for a cheaper option we offer wooden Gladius swords.

Vicious Viking Warrior

Vikings have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years due to TV series such as Vikings and The Last Kingdom. Vikings were fierce and feared in their own right but imagine how terrifying a Viking can be at Halloween! To create you fearsome Viking costume, start with a Viking tunic and add a leather belt, possibly with an Axe Frog which would have been used to hold a Vikings weapon. Any trousers will do for the outfit but if you are looking for an authentic outfit our collection of hose would be perfect. All that’s left is to add the finishing touches. Viking were known for their axe throwing, not to mention their impressive helmets which covered their faces for maximum protection. But if you want to add that vicious twist, I would suggest to leave the helmet and grab some fake blood. Splatter fake blood on your face to look like you have just returned from a gruesome battle!

Dark Knight

No this does not mean dress like Batman… Our version of a dark knight is even better! We have a selection of blackened helmets including a Sallet, Great Helm and Barbute. If you pair one of our open-faced blackened Barbute or Sallet helmets with a skull mask, everyone would fear you! Complete your suite of armour with some gothic style plate armour. You don’t have to wear a full suit of armour, you can simply wear the shine, arm and chest pieces or throw a black cape over your shoulders.

Kids Costumes


Become a dragon slayer over Halloween with our selection of child knight costumes and tabards. The knight costume can also double up as pyjamas (who doesn’t want to walk around in their pyjamas) to get more wear out of them. Be a Welsh, Scottish and English knight, as well as a Knights Templar Crusader. If you are looking for a more traditional costume, pair our child tunic with either our Royal England or Welsh Knight Tabard over the top. Complete the look with a sword and shield. All our child swords are made from plastic, wood or foam to make them easy to carry and safe to use.


Most girls want to be a princess at some point in their lives, especially when they are younger. Halloween is the perfect excuse to be a princess and is an easy costume to put together. Be a traditional pink princess with our ‘Pink Princess Dress’ or dress more historically in our ‘Medieval Princess Costume’. Finish the look with our selection of medieval headbands in a variety of colours to match your outfit.

Party Decorations

Game of Thrones Horn Mug and Goblet

If you and your friends are big Game of Thrones fans or are planning a GoT themed party, our collection of Got Horned Mug and Goblets could make the perfect addition. Our Game of Thrones Horn Mugs were featured in the HBO series and are made from real horn. The goblets and tankards are, on the other hand, highly decorative and themed around key aspects of the TV series such as the Weirwood Tree and the Iron Throne.

Roman Brazier (Camp Warmer)

If you are having a party or a gathering for Halloween, what better way to keep everyone warm this October than with our Roman Brazier. Our Roman style brazier is ideal for keeping your guests warm if the party extends outside – or for toasting marshmallows! Having a fire flickering in the background adds that menacing effect to any Halloween party.


Our vast collection of various flavoured Mead is a great addition to any cocktail. A Halloween party is not complete without a punch bowl with a haunting looking liquid inside. To make it look like a witches position use our Black Pirate Mead or to fool your guests use our Blueberry or Strawberry Mead to make it look like a bowl of blood.


Not all our products have to be used conventionally! Our helmets, for example, can make ghoulish decorations used to adorn your front door or window sills. Take our Warlord Helmet, the Great Helm or Sugar Loaf, for example, all of these helmets would look eerie with a small tea candle placed inside. These helmets have small holes or patterns cut out of them so can refract light through these holes to give that Halloween atmosphere.


Take your pumpkin carving that one step further and scare, or impress your neighbours. After you have finished carving a scary face into your pumpkin, stab a sword from one side of the pumpkin to the other. This makes it look like the head of the headless horseman and perfect to sit outside your house to scare unsuspecting victims walking past.