Unique Christmas Presents

£10 and Under

These gifts for £10 or under make the perfect stocking fillers or secret Santa presents.

The 200ml bottles of mead come in four flavours including strawberry, vanilla, blueberry and for the brave, chilli!

Vanilla Mead £9.50

We have a wide selection of Letter Openers that can suit your budget. Our lower budget letter openers include movie sword replicas such as Robin Hood, Conan the Barbarian and King Arthur’s Excaliber.

Bronze Excalibur Sword Letter Opener £6.00


£30 and Under

These gifts still leave a little money left over in the budget and make perfect novelty gifts.

If you know a Game of Thrones fan then our Horn Mug will put you in their good books. Made from real horn sourced in Scotland, the mugs have been featured in Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom and Beowulf.


Game of Thrones Horn Mug £30.00

Our Sword Bookends are a fantastic gift for any history buff! Their clever design creates the illusion that the books have been skewered by the sword. Give something a little different this Christmas!

Sword Bookends £30.00


£50 and Under

These presents will still go down in history but without breaking the bank! Permission granted for you to take all the credit.

This mini replica is based on one of only three surviving English great helms and one of the last generation of such helms, which ceased to be worn in battle after the 1350s. Our mini helm will make a perfect decorative feature in any home or in your workplace.

Royal Armouries English Great Helm £49.99

We have taken the hard work out of picking presents by creating our own selected gift sets. Our Viking Dragon Bracelet and Hammer Pendant set was inspired by Thor’s Hammer and include an authentic twisted design.

Viking Dragon Bracelet and Hammer Pendant Set £45.00


£100 and Under

If you are wanting to give something extra special this Christmas our £100 and under gifts allow you to buy an unforgettable present for less than you would think.

Our “Deluxe” range of swords have a much more decorated finish. This high-status version of our Knights Templar swords features a matching ornate scabbard.

Deluxe Templar Sword & Scabbard £89.00

Worn by both English and French knights, the Pigface Bascinet is a popular battle helmet. From the German “Hound’s Hood”, this helmet was worn in such battles as Crecy (1346) and Poitiers (1356). 

               Pigface Bascinet £75.00


£100 and Over

Blow the budget and go all out this Christmas with our top end items.

The Sword of Kings is a ceremonial sword, signifying the power and authority of the King of the Danes. The sword was featured in the smash hit TV show VIKINGS and a memorable gift for a Vikings fan. 

Vikings – Sword of Kings – Limited Edition £255.00

Become a Roman Soldier with our Roman Scutum Shield. This high-quality replica is constructed from linen covered wood and hand painted just like the originals.

           Roman Scutum Shield £125.00